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The platform meeting

Life Integrated project programme have great pleasure in inviting you to the 2022 Platform Meeting which will focus on the terms of implementation of Strictly protected marine areas in Member States, as part of EU biodiversity strategy 2030.

The expected outputs of the meeting include:
- Carry out a non-exhaustive inventory of implementation means of strict protection at sea in Member States: a survey will be conducted therefore, prior to the platform meeting (starting in July 2021), among relevant focal points in Member States.
- Share positive or negative experiences to learn lessons in order to improve the implementation of this policy.
- Understand the problems and help each other by exchanging feedback
- Produce a support document for those who plan to undertake a strict local or regional protection approach.
- Provide decision-makers with extensive comprehension of strict protection stakes and implementation challenges.

The 2022 Platform Meeting will be held on March 22nd - 23th, in La Rochelle, France.
The platform meeting will also be broadcasted by videoconference.