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Life Integrated Project Marha

The goal of the Life Marha project is to restore and maintain a favourable conservation status of marine natural habitats, which are home to some important biodiversity, and which bring us a range of services, such as nutrition, coastal protection, thermal regulation, energy and pharmaceutical resources, etc.
To this end, the project will mobilize all Natura 2000 at sea stakeholders, including professionals, users, site managers and scientists.
The Office français de la biodiversité (French office of biodiversity) coordinates this eightyear project and implements it along with thirteen other partners, scientists as well as site managers, over the three metropolitan maritime facades of France.
The actions of Marha are grounded upon the improvement of habitats conservation status assessment and monitoring, the search for solutions to reduce impacts through innovation, the replication of good practices and raising awareness, technical, scientific and material support to sites managers, and the improvement of governance mechanisms.
The Life Marha project is funded up to 60% by the European Union as part of the Life programme.

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